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Building Division eService Portal

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New Notices
  1. New Building Codes – 2017 6th Edition Florida Building Codes FBC
  2. Apply online for Hurricane Irma mechanical and electrical permits.
  3. Please review the   C&D Roll-Off Container Notice Dec 2017
  4. Please review the  notice of the new dock-pier timber piling inspection
  5. Please review the  notice of the new shutter inspection requirement
  6. Please review the  notice on work prior to issuance of a permit
  7. Reminder: electrical disconnect replacement relating to A/C work
  8. Please read the notices on the new Drywall, Concrete, Masonry, Carpentry, and Stucco Sub-Contractor Affidavit Forms and the new Sub-Contractor Affidavit Requirements.
  9. Sign Permit requirements, Listing, attachment details and inspections
  10. Coastal Construction Substantial Improvement Definition Change
  11. Unlawful Water and Sewer Connections & Tampering
  12. Building Conditioned Volume* added/included on plans
  13. Mandatory Residential Air Infiltration (Blower Door) Testing begins July 1, 2017 Duct Leakage testing already required if default not
  14. Upcoming Energy Code Changes ForResidential Construction

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